Cada mes publicamos un calendario con los temas de las clases de conversación para que sepas de antemano y puedas ir pensando tus argumento a debatir en clase. Además puedes proponer a los profesores futuros temas de conversación y ellos los incluirán en su planificación. ¡Es genial! =]

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April Conversation Classes (with listening and video based activities)


3rd and 5th  Dreams and Sleep
What do our dreams mean?   Can we really interpret them? Do you remember your dreams?   Do they reveal our fears and worries? How much sleep should we have and how much can we ‘get away with’?

10th and 12th Disability
What problems do people with disabilities face in Spain?  Do you think it would be harder to live with a physical disability or an intellectual disability?  Do you know any inspirational stories about disabled people who have achieved amazing feats?  What kinds of discrimination do disabled people face?

19th Weekend
Do you ever create a weekend to-do-list?  What is your idea of perfect weekend?  Do you have any hobbies that you like doing at the weekend?  Do you usually go out to eat at the weekend?

24th and 26th Health and Safety
Do you have health and safety policy at work and if so, what is it?   Do people worry too much about safety?   What is more important to you, safety or convenience?  Would you fly with a really cheap airline that didn’t have such a good safety record?  Do you think health and safety laws have become excessive?


4rd and 6th  Body Language
How important are hands, facial expressions, eye contact and gesture in non-verbal communication?  Have you ever experienced a misunderstanding related to body language? How does body language help communication?  Are you aware of your own body language or the body language of others?

11th   Bargaining
Is bargaining an usual practice in your Spain?  In what kinds of shops is it acceptable?   Do you like to bargain?    What sort of things have you bargained for?  Do you have any useful tips or techniques for bargaining?

18th and 20th The Future and Innovation.
What do you think about some of the inventions that are planned for the future?  Do you think they are all positive developments?   What do you hope for your own future?  What fears do you have for the future?  Where do you see yourself in ten to 50 years from now?

25th and 27th   Drugs and Alcohol
What do you know about illegal drugs?   Many people think marijuana shouldn’t be considered a drug? Do you agree?   In some countries marijuana is legal. Do you think this is a good idea?  Are there strong laws in your country to prevent the use of drugs?  Do you think alcohol is a dangerous drug?


April 7th: Environment/Sustainability
What are the biggest problems with the environment we face today? Is global warming the result of human behaviour or is it part of a natural and inevitable cycle? What kind of renewable energy sources are worth investing in? Do you think overpopulation is an environmental problem?

April 21st: Health and Exercise
Have you ever been on a diet, or changed your eating habits to get healthier/lose weight? Have you heard of eating for your blood type? How much exercise should/do you get a week? What kinds of exercise do you enjoy/hate? How’s your family’s history of health? Do you have to be careful because of any genetic predisposition to illness?

April 28th: Addiction
What’s the difference between habits/addictions? Is there such a thing as a «good» addiction? Is addiction a taboo subject in your culture? Are there social services in place for individuals to receive treatment for drug/alcohol/gambling etc. addictions?

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