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The extensive PCE course is perfect for those students who understand both spoken and written Spanish and are pursuing a University degree in Spain.

This innovative program combines the flexibility of online learning with the interaction and personalized support of face-to-face classes, providing a comprehensive preparation experience for the Specific Competency Tests (PCE).

Each course is specifically designed to successfully pass the university entrance exams for foreigners and includes the following features:


Receive explanations in real time by attending face-to-face or virtual classes according to your preferences. Plus, the sessions are recorded so you can review them at any time!


Take advantage of our own materials which are designed specifically for the PCE exams and we constantly revise and update.


We continuously practise with previous exam papers. You will know the exam format inside out. The day of the exam you will feel fully confident, there will be no surprises at all!

Virtual classroom

24-hour access to our materials, video tutorials, solved exams, self-correcting exercises, games, forums and much more.


Do not worry if you feel a bit rusty or lost, you will learn from scratch! And if necessary, we will recommend some tutoring classes. 


We emphasize the most relevant aspects and most likely to come up in the exam.


We know the exam and its structure inside out. We are experts in our subject(s) and we know how to transmit it.


We help you solve study-related problems such as lack of motivation and/or confidence, anxiety, low self-esteem, fear of failure or student’s block.


When planning for the Specific Competency Tests (PCE) to enter university in Spain, it’s crucial to understand their structure to make informed choices about your subjects. Depending on your study plans and the origin of your high school diploma, you may need to prepare between 2 and 6 subjects. Choosing 6 subjects prepares you for studying in any part of Spain. Additionally, at least 2 of them should weigh 0.2 according to the weighting tables of your target university.

    • We explain the different models of PCE in this post to help you choose wisely: structure of the PCE.
    • Also, in another post, you can find advice on which subjects to select, with clear examples: PCE subjects.

🎯 If you aim to study in the Valencian Community, you can opt for the free PCE, choosing 4 subjects, including 2-3 that have a weighting of 0.2, to maximize your score up to 14 points.

If you still have questions after reading this information, we invite you to request personalized advice with us, to clarify any details and ensure your best preparation.

Weighting chart

For universities in Spain 2024-2025

prices and schedules


Download the schedule for the extensive PCE classes.



Subjects Hrs/Week €/Month
1 2 56
2 4 112
3 6 168
4 8 224
5 10 280
6 12 336

Extra Revision Classes and Tutoring Sessions

Beyond our two weekly hours of face-to-face classes for each subject, we enhance our educational offering with a variety of supplementary activities. These encompass afternoon revision sessions led by our teachers, access to video lectures within our virtual classroom, practice exams, and support with administrative queries.

Hence, we provide a comprehensive 20-hour weekly curriculum, fulfilling the visa requirements for students pursuing education abroad.


Additional payment for:

  • Online material: 10€/subject/course.
  • Printed and bound subject material: 20€/subject/course.
  • 100€ for administrative management and direct enrollment with the UNED.
  • Prices do not include UNEAssis exam fees (see fees here).
  • 50€ deposit: we will refund the 50€ deposit at the end of the course as long as you have complied with our school policies.


To book online use the following form. You will have to pay a 50€ deposit for registration which will be returned at the end of the course. See the refund conditions. If you still have any questions, please contact with us.

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Keep learning from home

Available 24hrs a day!

The virtual classroom is a website in which you will find all the theory of the course, as well as explanatory videos, previous exams with keys and a variety of resources for you to continue learning from home. It also has a forum for questions so that you can be in contact with your teacher.


Find out what the PCE are, what the Unedassis accreditation is, the structure and contents of the tests, how to obtain a visa, how to access to Spanish universities and much more.

We will answer all your questions regarding the methodologybooking of courses, cancellation and refund, as well as questions about accommodation and arrival in Valencia.


Contact us with any questions you may have either by phone, email or by filling out the contact form. If you want, you can even come and visit us.

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96 006 99 34 ó 666 875 860

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From Monday to Thursday from 9:00 AM to 01:00PM and from 4:00 PM to 08:00 PM. Friday only mornings.


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