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Learn Spanish in the centre of Valencia


We know that learning grammar and vocabulary is not enough, you need to learn to speak. That is why our experienced team of Spanish teachers focus on a communicative approach to learning. We work on all aspects of the language through dynamic, everyday situations to assure that communication is spontaneous and natural. We bring the everyday reality of speaking Spanish into the classroom. For practical experience, we will go out and enjoy daily life on the streets of Valencia, doing the usual things Spanish people do here. You will speak Spanish and have a great time doing it. La llibreta is a friendly and welcoming school, located in the heart of Valencia. We have been dedicated to teaching Spanish as a foreign language since January 2015. We will work hard to make your stay in Valencia unique, comfortable and one of a kind. You will love it!

We love what we do!


Experts in the communicative approach

You are going to love living in Valencia


Our Spanish courses

Grupo de trabajo clase de español

Spanish + Selectividad (PCE)

A Spanish course with preparation for the Spanish university access exam (PCE) administered by UNEDassis.

Alumnas en clase de valenciano.

General Spanish Courses

Communication-based classes to improve your Spanish language skills.

Clasesa medida

Personalised courses

You tell us what you need and we will create a course for you. For groups, private classes or online classes.

School groups

Come with your classmates and practise Spanish. Without doubt it will be an unforgettable experience.

Test your level. It’s free and there is no obligation.


We handle your entrance to the Spanish University!

Administration procedures management

Our specialized team will guide you through the process of the homologation of your high school’s title and the study’s visa for you to access to the Spanish University of your choice.


We are a collaborator center of UNEDAssis

We carry out the procedures in order to get the international student’s certification for the Spanish Universities admission process.

PCE UNEDAssis Courses

We offer in-site and online courses so that you will be fully prepared to pass the PCE exam successfully and get the opportun ity to get into a Spanish University.

We have an experienced and expert team in preparing the PCE exams and they will guide you during the whole process.



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PCE Frequently asked questions

PCE Frequently asked questions

PCE Frequently asked questionsThe Specific Competency Exams (PCE) are exams carried out by UNEDassis for foreign students who want to study in a Spanish University.They are for International students (non-EU students or from countries having no educational agreement...

Living in Valencia is an amazing experience



Student residences

Student residences are a good option if you come to Valencia for a few months or if you want a variety of amenities. The advantages of the residences are:


  • You will meet many people of different nationalities.
  • Comfort (full board, cleaning and free leisure services).
  • Independence.

Sharing a flat with other students

Shared flats offer total independence. They are perfect for students who are self-employed or who want to learn to stand on their own two feet.


The advantages are:

  • You learn to organise your life and it helps you mature.
  • Greater freedom.
  • Living with others.
  • More cost effective.

Living with a Valencian family

Living with a Valencian family is the perfect way to fully immerse yourself in our culture and language.


The advantages are:

  • Full language immersion.
  • Cultural and local immersion.
  • You can have half board or full board.
  • Good price.


Our recommendation

The cheapest option for staying in Valencia is to share an apartment.
The price varies depending on the area you stay in. However, Valencia is not a big city and you can find rentals at a very reasonable price and relatively close to the school. One of the advantages of our city is its warm climate all year round, so a bike becomes a wonderful vehicle to move around with. It is a really “bike friendly” city that is perfectly adapted for cycling – flat and relatively small.

The average rent for a single room (bills included) is around €200-€400.

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