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Our school is the perfect place to learn in Valencia

La llibreta wants to be your school. A space created for you to learn while having fun and open your imagination.  We considered ourselves experts in teaching you and putting your needs first.

Our challenge? make you study with autonomy, security and creativity. But also, we want you to be a little wiser.

We are young, eager and want to share with you everything we know, while we continue to learn.

Our essence? TEACHING, the pleasure of transmitting information with ability, enjoyment and generosity.

Keywords? Motivation, learning, strategy, IMAGINATION!


Preventive measures COVID-19

Read our preventive plan against the expansion of the virus.

On-site classes are back!

We are back with hybrid format. Classes will have on-site and on-line students at the same time. The session will be broadcasted through an artificial intelligence camera that turns distance classes into an authentic experience more real than ever. They will be rotating classes in order to allow all our students to attend from our academy if they want to.

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dedo señalandoOur VIRTUAL CLASSROOM VIRTUAL is available for 24 hours.

You will find all our online content in different formats (computer, mobile and tablet) so that you learn in a more didactic and easier way. You will enjoy didactic videos, corrected exams, self-qualifying questionnaires, query questions and much more.

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Access in the university degree or certificate of higher education that you wish.


University entrance exam


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University entrance exam for over 25 years old students


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What students say about us

We have more than 150 five starts reviews on Google, Facebook and others social networking. We couldn’t make it without you!

Valencian course student (Laura)

I have done an intensive course to get the intermediate certificate of Valencian.  I am very satisfied with the experience, for the attention of the team, the teaching staff and for the adaptation of the contents to the test and the time we have had to prepare it. I certainly recommend studying at this school.

High education certificate student (Nikita Kazmin)

I have gone to many schools and I ended up dropping them out for the disinterest that the teachers have shown in teaching. But I realised, this was different in la LLibreta.  This school teach has a modern and fresh way of teaching. I was surprised by the passion teachers have. They repeat their explanations as many times as you need and they encourage you to keep on studying. I am sure I have passed my exam thank the teachers.  For this reason, I am writing this review, it is my to say “thank you”.

Spanish student (Marie Larochelle)

We were well received at this friendly and multicultural language school. We loves our teacher Martina, her intelligence, her culture, her generosity… and her patience. We will continue learning Spanish here, in Quebec. Thank you very much! Marie and Jacques (Quebec, Canada).

PAU +25 student (Daniella)

I thank you with all my heart for having entered this school with her super teachers who in a short time have prepared me for a difficult exam and I have been able to pass it! Thank you. It is really good school. I highly recommend it ❤️. Thank you Belén.

Valencian student (Andres Fossat)

I did a Valencian intensive course and I thought it was excellent. They have their own book and their teachers are really professional. The best is that they adapt their course to the date of the official exams from JQCV or CIEACOVA. When you finish the course, you feel ready to sit the exam! I passed the B2 level exam, which was my goal.

PAU student (Ismael Rodriguez)

This school is excellent!! For being friendly, the personal treatment, as well as for the didactic material and teaching methodology.

The groups are approximately 6 students. They have a virtual classroom, with which you can ask questions of the teacher, access all the subjects, exams and exercises solved. I prepared chemistry for the PAU starting from 0, while studying the second year of the higher education certificate. With my efforts and a lot of help from the teacher, I have managed to study the career I want. I definitely recommend it!

English student (Teresa)

One more year in La llibreta “struggling” with my English but at the same time loving the patience of my teacher Sara (the British teacher), my classmates, and the members of La llibreta. I feel like you are my family.  Thanks for all.

High education certificate student (Monica)

In one word “Great”.
You are the best to teach and motivate (specially in maths).
Guys if you want to pass the exams with good marks do not hesitate to pass by LA LIBRETA.
You won’t regret!
You can also have a cappuccino. Hehe

Pilar Ortí (workshops)

Thanks for all the love of La llibreta and professionalism that they have shown this month of urban camp. My son has felt at home. He has studied and had a lot of fun.
Thank you. We will sign up for next workshops

PAU student (Inma)

The treatment is excellent as well as the attention. They do their best to clear up all your doubts as well as they can, explain it to you in different ways and give you plenty of examples so you can understand it. They always do their best to make sure you can attend classes and adapt to your schedule, if not, they give you various assistance options so you can choose the one that suits you best. It is highly recommended.

El Centinela Crítico

Good teachers, people who enjoy themselves when they teach. The person who assist you as soon as you enter (Ishtar) very helpful and friendly.

La llibreta has a fantastic virtual classroom , unique in Valencia.

If you have to prepare for some test, this is your centre.

Thanks for everything.

Entrance University exam (Ahmad banna)

School with a lot of experience, Fairly organized and experienced teachers. They adapt to your needs!

I recommend 100%

After taking the exam and pass I think this school succeed in preparing students for the entrance university exam. Thanks to them you will do the exam with security!

Thanks, for everything.

PAU course student (Jessica Iranzo Alcazar)

I did the PAU course and thanks to the teachers I will be able to study what I have always wanted, medicine. The price is very good, the contact with the teachers is excellent, always adapting to the needs of each student. The syllabus is very complete, always updated and very “to the point”. The classes and school are very nice. I definitely recommend it.

The Lettering Club (Rent Classroom)

I did the PAU course and thanks to the teachers I will be able to study what I have always wanted, medicine. We rented a classroom to teach a Lettering workshop and everything was perfect! They treated us very well and we had a mistake and they changed the classroom to fix it. The facilities are very good, and the atmosphere very good. We will repeat for sure.


We are curious young people, lovers of education and with excellent training and good transmission capacity.

Virtual classroom

Our virtual classroom is available 24 hours so you will continue training from home.


Our space is designed with a lot of care and affection to make learning a pleasure. Our classrooms are very bright and spacious.


We are a flexible and friendly team. Whenever we can we adapt to your personal circumstances.

Rent classroom

In the In the city centre of Valencia

You will love your new work place

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