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10 months




August to May




On-site and online

Our course

PCE + Spanish combo courses are perfect for those students who do not have a good level of Spanish and want to study in the university in Spain.

The course is divided in two parts:

From Agoust to December you will get Spanish classes of 20 hours per week.

From January to May you will get classes to prepare the PCE. The schedule will depend on the subjects that you choose. See subjects


The greatest advantage of hybrid learning is flexibility. We teach our classes live, but it’s up to you whether to come to school or join us via Zoom. And there’s more, our classes are recorded! So if you miss a session, you can keep up to date by watching the recording.


Take advantage of our own materials which are designed specifically for the PCE exams and we constantly revise and update.


We continuously practise with previous exam papers. You will know the exam format inside out. The day of the exam you will feel fully confident, there will be no surprises at all!


24-hour access to our materials, video tutorials, solved exams, self-correcting exercises, games, forums and much more.


Do not worry if you feel a bit rusty or lost, you will learn from scratch! And if necessary, we will recommend some tutoring classes. 


We emphasize the most relevant aspects and most likely to come up in the exam.


We know the exam and its structure inside out. We are experts in our subject(s) and we know how to transmit it.


We help you solve study-related problems such as lack of motivation and/or confidence, anxiety, low self-esteem, fear of failure or student’s block.


The PCE (Specific Competency Exams) are exams carried out by UNED. In order to take these exams, you have to choose among 4 to 6 subjects. We recommend you to choose 4 subjects. To choose correctly follow these steps:


  1. Choose the university degree you want to take.
  2. Look at the weighting chart and write down the subjects whose weight is 0.2
  3. We recommend choosing at least 3 out of 4 of the subjects whose weight is 0.2.

If you have any questions contact us or visit frequently asked questions.

Weighting chart

For universities in the Valencian Community during 2022-2023.

prices and schedules

Spanish lessons

Spanish lessons timetable

  • Monday to Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 1.15P.M (with 15 minutes break)
  • From 07/08/23 to 22/12/23.


Spanish course price

The Spanish course includes the welcome catalogue with useful info for your staying in Valencia, the information about the classes (online or in-site), the access to our Virtual Classroom with interactive material, library service and tutoring service.

Spanish course Start date End date Duration Price
A1 level 07/08/23 01/09/23 80h 561€
A2 level 04/09/23 22/12/23 320h 2244€
Complete A1-A2 course 2805€


PCE classes

PCE classes

Download the schedule for the PCE classes from January to May 2023.

Precios clases de PCE

The prices include the five months of classes and depend on the chosen PCE mode and selected subjects.


PCE EBAU* h/mes Total price (5 months)
3 core subjects (English, History of Spain and Spanish Language and Literature) 32h  2950€
3 subjects to choose from 48h

* Materials and administrative fees included.

Other PCE modes:

Individual subjects h/month Total price (5 months)
English 8 280€
Spanish Language and Literature 12 420€
History of Spain 12 420€
Other subjects 16 560€/subject

Additional payment for: 

  • Online material: 10€/subject/course.
  • Printed and bound subject material: 20€/subject/course.
  • 100€ for administrative management and direct enrollment with the UNED.

Prices do not include UNEAssis exam fees (see fees here). Orientatively, the fees are around €215

Please note that if you require 20 hours of classes per week to obtain your visa, we also offer extra review classes at a rate of €6 per hour.


To book online use the following form. You will have to pay a 100€ deposit for registration which will be discounted at the end of the course. If you still have any questions, please contact with us.
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Keep learning from home

Available 24hrs a day!

The virtual classroom is a website in which you will find all the theory of the course, as well as explanatory videos, previous exams with keys and a variety of resources for you to continue learning from home. It also has a forum for questions so that you can be in contact with your teacher.


Find out what the PCE are, what the Unedassis accreditation is, the structure and contents of the tests, how to obtain a visa, how to access to Spanish universities and much more.

We will answer all your questions regarding the methodology, booking of courses, cancellation and refund, as well as questions about accommodation and arrival in Valencia.

Test your level. It’s free and there is no obligation.

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