Getting Around Valencia as a Student

Valencia boasts a comprehensive and efficient public transportation system for getting around the city, which includes everything from the metro and buses to the tram and Valenbisi. Additionally, there’s the option of moving around privately on a bicycle or electric scooter, allowing visitors and locals alike to enjoy a healthier and more eco-friendly way of exploring the city.


The Valencia metro is an efficient and user-friendly mode of transport, with five lines covering much of the city. Ticket prices vary based on distance and ticket type, but generally, a single ticket costs €1.50, and a 10-trip ticket (for 2 zones) is €12, though a single zone is often sufficient at €8. There are also monthly and annual passes for residents who frequently use the metro.

Tickets can be purchased in several ways, including:

  • At ticket vending machines in metro stations, which accept cash and credit/debit cards.
  • At authorized sales points, such as tobacconists and kiosks.
  • Through the mobile app “Valencia Transport“, available for iOS and Android, where you can buy tickets and passes and find service and route information.
  • Prepaid transport cards like “TU Billete” or “Transport Card” can also be purchased. These can be loaded with various balances and used on the metro, bus, and tram. They are available at metro stations and authorized sales points.


Buses in Valencia are another great option for getting around, covering numerous routes and connecting different neighborhoods and points of interest. Though not as fast as the metro, it’s a good choice for reaching areas not served by the metro.

Like the metro, bus ticket prices vary based on distance and ticket type, with a single ticket generally costing €1.50 and a 10-trip ticket €8.50. Monthly and annual passes are also available for frequent users.

Bus tickets can be bought similarly to metro tickets, at vending machines in metro stations and bus stops, authorized sales points, or through the “Valencia Transport” app.

The transport card is also valid on city buses, although tickets and passes are specific to the mode of transport purchased.


The tram in Valencia is a popular choice among both locals and visitors, offering panoramic views of the city and connecting major tourist spots like the City of Arts and Sciences, North Station, and Joaquín Sorolla Station.

The pricing is similar to that of buses and the metro. Monthly and annual passes are also available for frequent users. Tickets and passes can be bought at tram station vending machines, authorized sales points, or through the “Valencia Transport” app.

Furthermore, the transport card is also valid for tram travel, offering users time and cost savings.

It’s worth noting that there are various ticket types and cards to suit every traveler’s needs and preferences across all three transport types, along with reduced fares for students, seniors, and disabled persons. Visit for more information on prices, routes, and schedules for metros, buses, and trams.


Valenbisi is Valencia’s public bike-sharing system, allowing locals and visitors to rent bikes to get around. With over 180 stations across the city and more than 2,500 bikes available, it’s an excellent, eco-friendly, and healthy way to navigate the city, avoiding traffic and enjoying Valencia’s pleasant climate.


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