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We learn by using the language every day

Communicative approach

When we learn our mother tongue we do so because of the innate necessity to communicate with the world around us. Our teachers will help you learn Spanish in the most natural possible way like native do.

Classes are taught entirely in Spanish using a communicative approach. The main goal is for students to acquire communicative competence: to be able to write in Spanish in different types of register, to speak Spanish, and to understand written and spoken Spanish. In other words, to master all the Spanish language skills. For this reason, our classes are structured to achieve these goals while learning grammar, phonetics and vocabulary.

For the communicative approach to be most effective for our students, we work in small groups (average eight students). The material given in each class is delivered and explained by the teacher. Being interactive in the classroom is the key to achieving our goals. Our teachers plan each lesson based on real everyday situations (adapted to the level), to bring as much linguistic immersion as possible, to the classroom.

In our classes we encourage people to participate and stay motivated. Thanks to our pair and/or group interaction activities, students are able to be more fluent and correct when using their Spanish.

Moreover, in our school we organise extracurricular classes that our students love. Our activities are fun and usually outdoors. Here are some examples:

– Exploring Valencia
– Trying tapas in Valencia
– Visiting the local markets
– Geocaching
– Valencian cooking lessons
– Bike tours of the city
– Valencia “off the beaten track”
– and more…

Learning a language through a communicative approach is the best, most natural way to internalise it, and build a warm atmosphere in which to build relationships and have a good time.

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